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In Memorian: Phil Carey
Weitz Exits GH
DAYS: Sami Returns To Salem
OLTL: David Is Bo's Son
AMC March Preview
Gloria's Shocking News On Y&R
ATWT: Katie Is Hospitalized
GL: Frank And Natalia Have Sex

DAYS: Chloe Dumps Daniel
B&B: Pamela Is Back
ATWT: Casey Is Arrested
AMC: The Jig Is Up For Amanda


-This soap vet is extremely disappointed with his storyline, points out that it's the worst he's had.
-Vets on another soap are frustrated by a co-star's frequent C&G's. It disrupts good story and leaves them beholden to his schedule.
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So I was reading a website that has a run down of all the soaps, looking for anything on my Spixie. The site is mostly spoilers and rumors. Well I looked over the ones for Guiding Light because it had the word cancellation next to it. This is the first set of spoilers I've read in a month and shook my head when I did. Olivia and Natalia are going to be Lesbians? Seriously?! Can you feel the fear coming from Ellen Wheeler?

First the Coop/Beth storyline bombed and John got fired to make room for Grant then Caitlin got forced into the "propping Coopth, Daisy/Grady" role and now Olivia and Natalia are going to be lovers? Now I have no problem with lesbian love. In fact it could be interesting, but damn what did Frank D do to deserve losing another potential love interest? It's really sad that the show has been reduced to stunts in the hope of getting viewers.

The whole thing really doesn't give much hope to the show surviving. In fact the website even said that it's almost for sure that this year will be the last and I can't say I'm surprised. I haven't watched in months. Even time I hear about what's going on I just shake my head and sigh. The characters are being dumbed down for ridiculous stories. Like for example: Dinah didn't know Shayne was Shayne, even though she's known him practically his whole life...and they have NEVER liked each other? Coop kissing Beth, who doesn't want Alan to know about her affair, on the Spaulding front porch? So on and so forth.

So I ask again...can you smell the stink of desperation coming from the direction of Guiding Light?
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Soapdom Sneak Peeks

Week of Nov. 10

Remy and Christina get their M-CAT results. One does good and the other does poorly.

Blake decides to throw Reva a Baby Shower. Reva tells Blake that she enjoys her life with Jeffrey.

Josh tells Reva that he wishes he had the chance to raise a baby with her the 'normal' way.

Ashlee is dating a guy from work and Coop is happy for her. He tells her his love life is great but Ashlee doesn't believe him so she decides to set Coop up with Beth (little does she know)

Ashlee sets Coop up with Beth then finds out that he has already been seeing her? Who is this girl? This is not the Ashlee I know. It's definitely not the Coop I know either! And I guess this blows all our hopes out of the water. Ashlee would never set Coop up with bitchy tar teeth. I think I feel sick. I... really have no words. Except for this (and please excuse the language) THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT! I need to go cry now. Goodbye Coop, Goodbye Ashlee, Fuck off GL writers and Ellen Wheeler. You deserve nothing but the hate the fans have for you.

Once again sorry for all the cussing. I'm not usually like that. *is ashamed*

Going back to the new chapter of "WYWL" now... after I throw up of course. Damn ugly TAR TEETH!!
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Hello everyone. I have scanned the pictures from last week/this week finally, but I want to let everyone know that  I probably will not be scanning pictures anymore after next week. I put a lot of money and time into this. I love sharing with you all, but I will not support GL's ridiculous stories anymore. I can't. I have just seen a spoiler that said: Coop's affair is revealed. This pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin of the show and his character for me. I have loved Coop and Ashlee for over a year. I have put time into the characters and the story and I feel like I haven't gotten anything in return, except for frustration. My stories will not suffer because I'm pretending that Pod Coop and Pod Ashlee don't exist. If things change or if a really great article gets written about Coop, Ashlee, John and/or Caitlin then I will scan and post it. *sigh*

Here is everything I have...

Pictures and spoilers )

the end
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I got this spoiler in my email and I thought I would share with all of you so you know what is about to happen ahead of time. This is the day when people find out what Coop has been up to.

Coop's big secret is revealed on Tuesday, November 11.

I will not watch. I just don't want to know anymore. I'm rejecting GL's horrid reality and replacing it with my own. I am inviting anyone that wants to, to join me. If you want to, let me know in this post. We'll have a "get cyber drunk" party and I'll post some fanfiction. *grin*
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Here is the GL stuff:
GL )

As the World Turns



General Hospital


GH )

That's all for this week...


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So let me start this post by saying that my sister finally had her baby. Cody Goodblood weighed in at 6 pounds and 14 ounces. My sister and new nephew are doing well. So baby watch 08 is officially over. Now the cooing shall start. *laughing*

On my "goodness can't they leave me alone" front, I'm about sick of Obama and McCain. Neither has really impressed me, but voting is a right that I take seriously. However if I have to hear their names or see their faces much longer, I'm going to scream and have to be committed to a real asylum. Obama even has an ad on my email that I can't get rid of. I'm not likely to forget who is running. Please stop force feeding me, I can make my own decisions. *sigh* That is all on that front.

In magazine news, we only have one spoiler and no pictures: The spoiler is--- (highlight to read) Ashlee gets a shady assignment at WSPR.     I'm hoping that this might be what leads her back into Coop's orbit, but I'm not holding my breath. The IIC haven't earned my trust or respect.

One of the polls was: Do You Like Marina and Mallet Together?

The response was once again overwhelming: 68% said NO!                          32% said Yes.

When will the show ever learn?

Casting News!!!

If you hate Cassie (like me) and never warmed up to Nicole Forrester (like me), good news! She has quit the show. I could be mean right now, but I refain and just say, "See ya!" Her last airdate will be in Nov. Cassie and RJ are heading to Hawaii.

It was once again confirmed that Shayne is coming back and he will be played by Jeff Branson (Um, duh). He will be debuting in Dec. And that's all I know so far. I'm crossing my fingers that he won't be sucked into Bill and Lizzie and will actually come and play with Cooplee.

So that's all for GL
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So today I finally got some time to look over my magazines...

Soap Opera Digest-- Nothing! Absolutely nothing about Coop and/or Ashlee, John and/or Caitlin.

Soap Opera Weekly-- Spoiler that isn't Coop and Ashlee related, but yay worthy anyway: Natalia kisses Frank! *happy dance* 
                                        Other than that spoiler... it's another nothing magazine.

                                     ***Jenny-- They do talk about your other gay couple in there though.

Soaps In Depth--- Once again... Nothing.

                               There are two polls that I found interesting.

1) Is Alison a better match with Chris or Aaron (ATWT)

          61%- Aaron      39%- Chris

          Ha ha ha, Chris fans!!

2) Are Mallet and Marina better friends or lovers (GL)

        71 %- Friends     29%- Lovers

        It's what we've been saying for months. They are DULL and BORING together. They have NO chemistry. Why are they being forced down our throats? 
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Okay I'm not even going to fight with this thing. *laughing* I've uploaded all the pictures from Soap Opera Weekly (the only magazine to have anything) in Photobucket. I'm going to just post the link here. http://s164.photobucket.com/albums/u30/jailynn25/Magazine%209-5-08/

I hope everything comes up alright. Caitlin has a full page article and LOOKS fantastic. I haven't read it yet so I don't know what it says, I only just got the magazines like an hour ago and started uploading right away. John makes an appearance finally.  There is one spoiler, that might not have anything to do with Coop, but I uploaded it anyway.

Oh and yeah, I got a nice surprise. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

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Once again I'm uploading them to photobucket then linking them here.

*My TV host voice* Let's play another round of "The Writers and Producers of GL have no idea what the "F" they are doing." Our contestants today are the entire writing staff of Guiding Light and Ellen Wheeler. Let's make them feel welcome.

*Booing from the crowd*

*My TV voice again* I think that did it... now let's begin. What is the one thing that will piss off the fans?

*Ellen buzzes in* Keep Coop and Ashlee apart!

*Me* That is correct. So why are you doing it?

*Ellen* Because I'm evil.

*Me* I agree. Now if you'll just turn to the right. *she turns* Thank you. *grabs poison dart and blow gun. Shots the dart into her neck* Oh look at that. She is out of the game. Can someone call a doctor? *quiet* No? Really? Okay moving on. Next question... Why are Lillian the bore and Buzz still together?

*Writers buzz in* Because they put everyone into a coma. It's nap time... even for us.

*Me* Can't deny that logic! And that was another game of "GL doesn't know what the "F" they are doing!" Thank you for joining us.
*Game show music plays.*

Here is the link:

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