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This is the one shot I was talking about yesterday. I really hope you don't hate it. If you would like to share with friends, send them over. Please let me know what you think. This is very new for me. I have five different couples going on... *hopes it doesn't suck*

Feedback is love...

Title: Everything Looks Different with Little Alcohol
Five Stories that have an alcohol theme...

Couple/Fandom: Tyra/Landry (Friday Night Lights) [Tipsy], Ashlee/Coop (Guiding Light) [drunk], Maxie/Spinelli (General Hospital) [Forget], Luke/Noah (As The World Turns) [Confessions], Reid/Emily (Criminal Minds) [Mistakes]

Summary: Five different themes for five different couples

Type: Angst, Romance, Humor, Smutty fluff

Rating: PG- R (NC-17 lite)

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the shows or any of the characters but I would like to…

Author’s Note: This is to ease me back into fan fiction and hopefully revive my love for writing.


1.     Tipsy (Tyra and Landry- Friday Night Lights) – before they got back together…


Tyra and Landry's story (PG) )


2.     Drunk (Ashlee and Coop- Guiding Light) – Their first fight as a couple


Ashlee and Coop (PG) )


            3. Forget (Maxie/Spinelli – General Hospital) Sometimes it’s better to just forget…


Maxie and Spinelli (PG) )


            4. Confessions (Luke and Noah- As The World Turns) Fun time… (Man on man loving...don't like it, don't read it. This is the warning)


Luke and Noah (R, Lite NC-17) )


            5. Mistakes (Reid and Emily- Criminal Minds) One drink too many


Reid and Emily -Criminal Minds (PG-13) )

Well what did you think? Did they all seriously suck? I would love to hear what you think...

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Song: Two Princes
Singer: Spin Doctors

Youtube sucks. It blocked the video because of the song, so I updated it on one of my other sites (BAM). I'd love to hear what you think of the video. Feedback is my life's blood. *laughing* No, I'm serious.
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Okay let's start with Guiding Light simply because I am annoyed with it. Do I watch? No, I like the fact that my eyes aren't bleeding. Do I want to know what's happening? No, because my version of events makes me so much happier. But unfortunately I can't avoid the show completely... even if most days I forget it even still exists on the air.


Soap Rant )

 That's enough about daytime! Let's move on to Primetime and my FAVORITE show of all time: Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds has had an up and down year for me. Some shows are really interesting and intense and others... But how freaking awesome was last night? It felt like the show I love again. I hated last week's episode. It really wasn't what I expect from the show and reminded me more of an X-files episode, but last night was CM. I loved the surprise twist with who ended up being the killer. I loved that we saw Hotch crack a little under the pressure. He has always been so strong that it's nice to see him be human. Rossi really was perfect in this episode. He was there to pull Hotch back from the edge, just like a friend should do. Morgan's life in danger? That was an awesome scene. And creepy as hell. Garcia wasn't in it as much as I would like...but what she did do was brilliant. I love her. Reid, JJ, and Emily really took a back seat in this episode but I wasn't bothered by that. What they added to the show was what was needed. I enjoyed the entire episode. Next week's looks wicked as well. Garcia in danger! NOOOOO! *grin* I can't wait!

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Okay, today's General hospital is a giant clusterfuck of what the hell? I have no idea who wrote the show today, but they obviously haven't been paying attention.

Here is a list of "Oh dear god, fuck the what moments"

1) Maxie on the phone with Spinelli begging him to not tell Lulu about "the almost sex" with Johnny
2) Lulu's outfit. Sorry to pull a Maxie but that shit is horrible
3) Winnie's almost love confession to Spinelli. Is this chick for real?
4) Jason and Carly whining YET again about Michael. Did we get enough of this last year when the crap hit the fan?
5) Carly being a snotty bitch to Kate about her holding Jax's balls in a jar, I mean her engagement to Jax. Who the hell cares?
6) Spinelli "armed and dangerous"? Seriously? Who's been sneaking into the fanfiction vault?
7) Nikolas obsessing over Raccoon...I mean Riculous... I mean Rebecca.
8) Winnie hacking into her bosses computer. *rolls eyes*
9) Nikolas telling Sam about Lucky dating Raccoon...That shit isn't cool. She just broke up with the guy and her cousin is intentionally using that against her? I'm crying FOUL!
10) Maxie making out and flirting with Johnny when she just told Spinelli that she loved him...nuff said

Oh and personal POV but...I still don't see the hotness between Johnny and Maxie! It looked awkward and weird. Someone needs to learn how to kiss and I think it's Brandon, because Kirsten has had hot kisses with people before (Coop, Spinelli, Lucky).

I absolutely hated the show and today's writer needs to be call on the carpet for all the crap that was packed into one hour.
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Okay I'm sorry the show was crap, but Spixie and Jasam saved the day by giving me so much happiness I'm practically bursting at that seams. After a year of waiting, wishing, hoping and praying the Spixie lovers have finally gotten their dream. Maxie told Spinelli that she loves him and she'll love him forever then she rushed into his arms and planted a romantic kiss on his lips. *la sigh* I'm dancing on cloud nine, singing to the heavens happy. While I seriously hated the Spinelli on the run story because of the lack of...well everything entertaining, I have to give credit where credit is do. Thank you to the writers for giving us this magical moment in the mist of all the crap. *grin*

Oh and PS: Isn't it amazing that Geek girl gets a bump in her clearance with the FBI as soon as Sam talks about needing an in to get the evidence against Spinelli? *ducks and runs from the giant anvil that just fell from the sky*

I also have to give love to Raynor. *laughing* Mark Pinter is an incredible actor and I giggle when he makes Winnie the geek girl nervous. It's all sorts of fun.

Here are the pictures from the I love you scene: Let's all sigh together:


These images aren't mine.

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Yes today was a clusterpluck of Michael stupidity. I didn't care when he got shot and I don't care now. But this made up for that:


Need I say more? *these images don't belong to me*

Oh and for the WTF files. What is up with Winnie calling Spin practically her boyfriend? Oh hell no, geeky girl. I don't think so.
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I took this list from the another website. I really hope they forgive me, but I wanted to share with everyone the list of people that got a prenom this year. *grin*

Prenominations for 2009 Daytime Emmys )
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So here was my challenge for Valentine's Day. I wanted to do a video with as many of my favorite couples as I could. I know that no one else will watch this but I was pretty satisfied with the result.

The couples featured:
Pacey/Joey (Dawson's Creek)
Maxie/Spinelli (General Hospital)
Coop/Ashlee (Guiding Light)
Shawn/Juliet (Psych)
Jackie/Hyde (That 70's show)
Donna/Eric (That 70's Show)
Cappie/Casey (Greek)
Simon/Kaylee (Firefly)
Rusty/Ashleigh (Greek)
Mel/Jake (Sweet Home Alabama)
Jack/Doug (Dawson's Creek)
Tyra/Landry (Friday Night Lights)

Here is the video! (for anyone that wants to watch it

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Have you ever eaten something bad, knowing you shouldn't? You know it will tear you up, make you sick and make you wish for the next two days that you would have listened to your instincts? That you never should have even tried to eat it. For me that bad thing is spicy tacos. I really can't handle extremely spicy food, but I tend to eat them anyway. Well, Guiding Light is my bad taco. I really just can't stop myself sometimes.

The Bad Taco: GL )

As the World Turns:

As the World Turns )

General Hospital:

General Hospital )
And if they piss me off, there are other soaps to watch. *laughing*
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Lately I've been hearing in the soap world what couples should be together because of their "sexiness". But really what is sexy? What makes someone stand up and take notice of a couple, a character or a situation?

I've thought about this for a couple of days...well actually for longer than that because two of my favorite couples are said, by some, to be "unsexy". Some people believe that these two couples don't generate "enough heat and therefore they are boring". So I really searched inside of myself to figure out what it was about these couples/characters that I found so appealing.

At first it was the obvious, chemistry. But that is subjective. Not all people see chemistry where I do, so then I looked a little deeper and realized that the sexiness I see is more than just what is happening on screen. For me the pull is what we don't know, what we feel when the characters look at each other. Its like being privy to a secret world where only they truly know what's going on. That to me is sexy. Not the romping around on the floor, not the massive amount of skin, not the over the top declarations of love...its the quiet private world that I see when they interact.

My thoughts. *grin* )

So now I pose the question to anyone that actually read all of this long-winded post, what is sexy?
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