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Okay this story is no where near done. Sharon your prompt is a little more involved than a one-shot can hold so it will be a four part series... I really hope you don't mind that.

Twinnie, you wanted: Coop/Ashlee/Shayne, jealousy, fighting over a fluffy Ashlee (having gained her weight back).

so you got this... *is nervous*

The back story is that this takes place before Ashlee and Coop even got together. It's a couple of weeks after she got out of Juvie. Coop is in love but not saying anything. Ashlee has given up hope. Ava is still lurking and Ashlee meets a gorgeous new guy... Shayne. How does Coop react?

Title: Don't Wait Too Long

Rating: PG (right now)

Don't Wait Too Long )
how mad are you, twinnie? *bites nails nervously*
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Sorry it took me so long Aus. I hope that you like your gift. *is nervous*

Aus, you wanted: Coop/Ashlee, get away from Springfield and meet up again in Oakdale. I really hope I got this right.

Title: Starting Again

Rating: PG


Starting Again )
Well what do you think? I really would love to hear from you all.

Sharon, your's is next, but it might be done tomorrow instead of today. Please forgive me... *begs*
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Here is Tracy's gift. I really hope you like it.

Tracy you wanted: Coop/Ashlee, "I Saw mommy kiss Santa", NC-17. Please let me knoe if you absolutely hate this. I will write you something else. This belongs in the "Promise" universe... I hope you haven't forgotten about that story... *bites lip*

Title: Brandon Saw Mommy Kiss Santa

Rating: NC-17


Brandon Saw Mommy Kiss Santa )
Please let me know what you think... *is nervous*
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This post is titled Dear Santa. It is our Christmas wish list for the new year. Please share yours!

Dear Santa:

I would love:
Santa Wish List )
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I am so far behind that I think this party might be spilling over into tomorrow. *laughing*

In the meantime check out these amazing sites:

Jenny's beautiful icons (with banners) part two

Tracy's 12 days of Christmas (7-12)

Tracy's Christmas fiction: If You Believe

I'm working on Tracy's fiction now and my next post will be called: Santa Wish List. Please add your own wishes to the post. *grin*
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Here is Jenny's christmas fiction gift.

Jenny, you wanted: Ashlee/Coop, Doris/Buzz/ together on Christmas. I hope you enjoy this story.

Title: The Perfect Christmas

Rating: G


The Perfect Christmas )
Well did you like it? *hopeful*
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Before I add my second story gift, I want to pimp the brilliance of Jenny's icons. Our resident Icon Queen has made some beautiful christmas icons for today. I'm using one right now. Here is the link: Christmas Icons  Aren't they amazing?!

And now here is Becca's fiction:

Becca, you asked for: Coop/Ashlee, snow angels. Well I took that idea and twisted it. I hope you like whimsical fictions...

Title: Christmas Angels

Rating: PG


Christmas Angels )
What are your thoughts? If you didn't enjoy it please let me know...
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Tracy has put some fantastic fiction for the day on her LJ. Here is the link: 12 days of Christmas (1-6)

Give her the love she deserves. *grin*

My next fiction will be ready very soon. Its for Becca. I hope you like your gift girlie. *hopeful grin*
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Here is the first finished present:

Sheryl, you wanted: Coop/Ashlee/Shayne- fighting and I hope you aren't too upset with the result. Please let me know if you are, because I would completely understand. *is nervous*

Title: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Rating: PG


Good Things Come To Those Who Wait )
I'd love to hear your thoughts
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I hope everyone is ready to party!!!!!! I'm still finishing up on the fictions. I really hope to finish them all, but it might not happen today... The gifts might be spread out. *laughing* That won't be so bad, will it?

The first offerings have been made by my Twinnie. Here is the link to her story: Cooplee Again

And here is a link to her beautiful banners: BANNERS!!!!

Oh and here is a link to her Christmas Cooplee video: VIDEO

Isn't she talented?! Show her Cooplee/ Shaylee Christmas Love! *grin*

I'll be posting my first fiction soon... Sheryl I really hope you don't hate it. But if you do, I will totally write you another one because I'm not sure about it. *is nervous*
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