jailynn24: (ashlee joy)
jailynn24 ([personal profile] jailynn24) wrote2009-05-07 06:23 pm

Booze Cruise pictures part 3

This is the last set of pictures. I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures and the recaps. Thank you to all that replied. I loved hearing your thoughts. *grin*

John talking with fans and taking pictures

Van and Caitlin talking in front of the downstairs bar

Birds and the ocean as we rode past...this is Marco Island

Van, Jake, and Ewa posing for the cameras.

Jake and some chick

Nicholas smiling at me. *grin*

Walt Willey (Jackson, All My Children)

John talking with fans

Caitlin and Jeff (Shaylee!!! *laughing*)

My shirt with all the signatures

Austin's drawing on my shirt. Isn't it cool? *grin*


Okay folks that was my weekend. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and recaps from Marco Island.

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