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jailynn24 ([personal profile] jailynn24) wrote2009-05-05 06:49 am

Pictures from a Night With The Stars 2009

Okay here are some of the pictures I took. *grin* I hope you all enjoy them... Not dial up friendly

This is when they all arrived...

Van and a fan....

Question and Answer Panel -- Guiding Light and One Life To Live

As The World Turns Question and Answer panel-- My camera couldn't get them all. Ewa was next to Trent and Austin was next to her.

Van and I part 1

Van and I part 2

John and I part 1

John and I part 2

Van and Jake auctioning off the tour of As The World Turns

Nicholas and I... He is so hot in person. Why did Zac have to be a bad guy? *sigh*

High School never ends. This is my prom picture with Billy. *grin*

Caitlin and I. She really is sweet and I so enjoyed hanging out with her

Adam and Caitlin. Aren't they adorable?

Jake and I. Such a cool guy.

Oh I forgot Trent... I got a picture with him at the Dinner as well


Next is my recap of the Bar Bash...Oh the fun is about to start...

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