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jailynn24 ([personal profile] jailynn24) wrote2009-03-13 03:29 pm


Okay I'm sorry the show was crap, but Spixie and Jasam saved the day by giving me so much happiness I'm practically bursting at that seams. After a year of waiting, wishing, hoping and praying the Spixie lovers have finally gotten their dream. Maxie told Spinelli that she loves him and she'll love him forever then she rushed into his arms and planted a romantic kiss on his lips. *la sigh* I'm dancing on cloud nine, singing to the heavens happy. While I seriously hated the Spinelli on the run story because of the lack of...well everything entertaining, I have to give credit where credit is do. Thank you to the writers for giving us this magical moment in the mist of all the crap. *grin*

Oh and PS: Isn't it amazing that Geek girl gets a bump in her clearance with the FBI as soon as Sam talks about needing an in to get the evidence against Spinelli? *ducks and runs from the giant anvil that just fell from the sky*

I also have to give love to Raynor. *laughing* Mark Pinter is an incredible actor and I giggle when he makes Winnie the geek girl nervous. It's all sorts of fun.

Here are the pictures from the I love you scene: Let's all sigh together:


These images aren't mine.

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