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jailynn24 ([personal profile] jailynn24) wrote2008-12-04 11:25 am

Caption This!

Here are some pictures with my captions... I'd love to see yours! (Warning some naughty language ahead)

*Coop: So in nine months I'll be banging Beth. Is that okay?
*Ashlee: What the fuck? Why?
*Coop: We work for idiots remember. This is the last time we will be seen in February.
*Ashlee: (sigh) How about I hit them with the frozen ham?
*Coop: I'll distract them and you attack.
*Ashlee: Love you.

*Ashlee: I know your secret!
*Coop: (gulp) What?
*Ashlee: You want to have sex with me. It's all you think about.
*Coop: (gulp)

*Frank: I think you make a great Santa, pop.
*Buzz: Sleep with one eye open tonight, Frank. (sigh) Does this suit make me look fat?
*Frank: Um... 

*Ashlee: Um, is that your pen in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
*Coop: Shut the door and you'll find out.
*Ashlee: (giggle) Now this is a fun way to learn.

*Coop: So, how does tonight sound? I'll bring the condoms, you bring the Hugh Grant movie.

*Ashlee: (thinking) I had sex! YES! And Coop had a really big... I really should go back out now.


Dirty minded me would love you to take a try! *wink*.

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