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These are the shows that have definitely been saved and will be back next year. I hope your favorites are on here... (My favorites are bolded and colored in red) (The ones that I wish would go away are bolded and colored green)


  • 30 Rock, NBC
  • 90210, CW
  • The Amazing Race, CBS
  • American Dad, FOX
  • American Idol, FOX
  • America's Funniest Home Videos, ABC
  • America's Next Top Model, CW
  • The Bachelor, ABC
  • The Big Bang Theory, CBS
  • The Biggest Loser, NBC
  • Brothers & Sisters, ABC
  • The Celebrity Apprentice, NBC
  • Dancing with the Stars, ABC
  • Desperate Housewives, ABC
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC
  • Family Guy, FOX
  • Fringe, FOX
  • Gossip Girl, CW
  • Grey's Anatomy, ABC
  • Heroes, NBC
  • Law & Order: SVU, NBC
  • Lost, ABC
  • The Office, NBC
  • One Tree Hill, CW
  • Parks and Recreation, NBC
  • Private Practice, ABC
  • The Simpsons, FOX
  • Smallville, CW
  • Southland, NBC (for 13 episodes)
  • Supernanny, ABC
  • Supernatural, CW
  • Survivor, CBS
  • 'Til Death, FOX
  • Two and a Half Men, CBS
  • Ugly Betty, ABC
  • Wife Swap, ABC

I'll update the list as more shows get saved or cancelled.
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I was on a yahoo site and found this. I hope none of these are your favorite shows...



  • Boston Legal, ABC
  • Crusoe, NBC
  • Dirty Sexy Money, ABC
  • Do Not Disturb, FOX
  • Easy Money, CW
  • Eli Stone, ABC
  • ER, NBC
  • The Ex List, CBS
  • In Harm's Way, CW
  • King of the Hill, FOX
  • Life, NBC
  • Life on Mars, ABC
  • Lipstick Jungle, NBC
  • My Own Worst Enemy, NBC
  • Opportunity Knocks, ABC
  • Prison Break, FOX
  • Pushing Daisies, ABC
  • Valentine, CW
I'll update when more shows get saved or cancelled...
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Tonight is the premiere of Greek's Spring season. *grin* I'm so excited. Cappie, Beaver, Casey, Ashleigh, Rusty, Dale, Calvin, Wade... YAY! *does happy dance* Only a half an hour left!!!
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** The quotes aren't perfect. I don't have anyway of rewatching the episode. It's from memory** I got a little wordy with this recap.

Criminal Minds- thoughts and recap )

CSI:NY--- Danny and Lindsay are having a baby girl. EEEE! It's so cute. I saw it coming when he told Stella with absolute certainty: "My mom had two boys. My grandma had three boys. I'm having a boy." I just adore Danny the anxious daddy. I can't wait until he actually gets to hold his baby. *grin*

On 40 fics for Lent today: I lied. Its going to be another fluffy day. It's raining  and gloomy here and I want some joy and sunshine. *laughing*
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So here was my challenge for Valentine's Day. I wanted to do a video with as many of my favorite couples as I could. I know that no one else will watch this but I was pretty satisfied with the result.

The couples featured:
Pacey/Joey (Dawson's Creek)
Maxie/Spinelli (General Hospital)
Coop/Ashlee (Guiding Light)
Shawn/Juliet (Psych)
Jackie/Hyde (That 70's show)
Donna/Eric (That 70's Show)
Cappie/Casey (Greek)
Simon/Kaylee (Firefly)
Rusty/Ashleigh (Greek)
Mel/Jake (Sweet Home Alabama)
Jack/Doug (Dawson's Creek)
Tyra/Landry (Friday Night Lights)

Here is the video! (for anyone that wants to watch it

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Let's start with the general life stuff: I watched America's Best Dance Crew thursday and I'm sad to say that my little cloggers will probably be in the bottom two and might even go home next week. *sigh* I knew it wouldn't last long. They did an okay job with the Britney Spears challenge but even I knew it wasn't good enough. I still called for them...a lot. *laughing*

I have ventured out of my own little bubble and posted my Spixie story on fanfiction.net. This is huge for me because it's really putting myself out there. Livejournal is pretty closed off and safe, posting anywhere else is opening the flood gates. I'm thinking about posting a Coop/Ashlee or GL story in that section. I'd love to hear which one you think I should post. I don't foresee many replies on anything I post to the GL part, it's just not a popular area and Cooplee has been gone for almost a year. Oh that hurts. Still love to hear your thoughts.

Today is the day I help my friend move completely out of his apartment. I swear we have been moving him out for over a month. *laughing* We get distracted so easily and moving sucks, especially when it's from a three story walk-up. *sigh* I have a serious heights/stairs issue. I'm accident proned and have fallen down stairs before, just never carrying anything.

The Superbowl is this weekend and while I'm not a huge NFL fan, I'll be watching for the commercials. Is there anything better than the Superbowl commercials? As far as the teams, I'm cheering for the underdog. Go Cardinals. *grin* Now watch me have jinxed them. *laughing*

Here is one of my favorite SB Commercials from the past:


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Okay I'm not a huge fan of reality television for many reasons. 1) I think most of the shows are crap. 2) The "dating" shows always make women look desparate and really insane. 3) I like scripted television *shrugs* So sue me. 4) It's cheap looking. Having said that: I do have some favorites.

I absolutely love "America's Best Dance Crew". Even though I think that most times the best dance crew leaves before the end. *mourns the loss of Fanny Pak* The dances are always interesting and I love watching them do the challenges that are given to them. My favorite (long shot) group this year is Dynamic Edition or as I like to call them: My little cloggers. Its a five member group from Alabama (one guy and four girls) and I just love them. It's the first time I've actually called for a group. They are awesome! The next two groups I'm pulling for are "All Star Strikers" and "Beat Freaks". It's a great show but be aware that the long shots usually don't last long. **hugs my little cloggers**

The other "reality" shows I watch are on Bravo, Food Network (love Food Network) and The Travel Channel. On The Travel Channel I watch Man vs Food and Bizarre foods. Bizzare Foods really lives up to it's name. That guy is either very brave or really stupid because some of the things he eats just turns my stomach...and yet I continue to watch. *laughing* Man vs Food is actually pretty awesome and the host is really funny. I like when he eats hot stuff that makes him cry. *laughing* I'm evil. On the Food Network...um pretty much everything. And on Bravo I love Top Chef. My Top Chef is Jamie... because she is cool and we share the same first name. *laughing* It's really hard to find cool Jamie's. I know I'm not one. *laughing* How depressing is it that I watch that much?

GH and GL )

I got news on my computer. They have fixed the ram and are now dealing with a software issue. (My computer will not hook up to wireless because of a virus that would have cost me 139 dollars at Best Buy to fix... Sony thinks it's their fault, that something is wrong with their software and are going to fix it for free) *grin* The problem is I'm losing all my data. The bright side is Sony has offered to back it all up. **hugs Sony** I love you!

I have a challenge for all fanfiction writers: I would like a story to read. *laughing* I know that not everyone writes as fast as I do, but I've been dying to read something that I haven't written. So anyone willing to try? I promise I'll leave you feedback hugs... *begs* Pretty Please!
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Meme from: [livejournal.com profile] rivilli 

Write 25 random things about yourself

25 things about me )

Well that's me in a nut shell... *grin*

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Yesterday there was a NCIS marathon on the USA network and I was flipping back and forth between it and other shows. I happen to love NCIS. It has a lot of humor and still has interesting crimes. Plus any show with a Gothic forensics scientist is really cool. Abby kicks butt.
NCIS and GH, plus more *grin* )
Oh and I hope I didn't give the impression that I wasn't going to write Cooplee fiction anymore yesterday. I was just stating my independence from Guiding Light the show. My heart is still filled with stories and ideas for Coop and Ashlee. I'm no where near done with them yet. *grin*
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It’s been a while since I’ve done a purely primetime show post. Well, everyone here it is. The shows on the block are Friday Night Lights, Criminal Minds, and Greek.




Greek )



Criminal Minds )


Friday Night Lights )
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