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Some of these are really old, but I though what the hell. *laughing*


Picspam!!!! )

The End...


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This is the last set of pictures. I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures and the recaps. Thank you to all that replied. I loved hearing your thoughts. *grin*
Booze Cruise Pictures Part 3---The End )

Okay folks that was my weekend. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and recaps from Marco Island.
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Here is part 2...

Booze Cruise Pictures Part 2 )

Okay I guess there is going to be a part 3... here I end part 2 *laughing*
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Here are some pictures from before, during and after the cruise:


Booze Cruise pictures part 1 )

I'm going to stop here and do a second post of pictures...

Okay on to part 2...

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Here is the last recap: (I'll try to keep this short because I'm not sure anyone is actually reading these)


Booze Cruise Recap )

Next post will be the pictures from the cruise...

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Here is another set of pictures from the bar bash...

I hope you enjoy these.
Bar Bash pictures part 2 )Next is my recap of the cruise...

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Okay here are some of my bar bash pictures... I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. *wink/grin*

Part 1 of my pictures from the Bar bash )

Next post will be more pictures from the bar...
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Okay sorry it took so long, we're having heavy rain here. *sigh*

This is my recap of the bartender bash. *grin* I hope you enjoy it.

Men, Alcohol and Music...oh my...Bar Bash recap )
Last year, I will admit this was my least favorite one of the events. In fact I told Adam if we had to miss something this would be the one I could do without...wow what a difference a year makes. This event was one of the best I've ever been to!
It started the same as all the rest. We arrived after Adam and I changed into our "bar clothes". Which basically meant, jeans and a relaxed shirt. When we got there, the event was already getting under way. Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna) and Beth Ehlers (Harley) were behind the bar. Twinnie and her sister were already there by the bar. *grin* That meant we were in the perfect spot, between the bar where all the actors were going to work and the dance floor. The music was pulsing through the speakers and we past John on our way in. He was talking to a couple of people. Adam and I talked with Twinnie while I took pictures of the bartenders and searched place for other actors.
Bobbie Eakes (Crystal, All My Children) worked the "vodka" booth. I didn't really see her doing much, but then again I wasn't really paying that much attention. While all this was going on, I was thinking to myself, "Okay, this is slightly boring." But at the same time I was enjoying being with my friends, so I shrugged and gave the event a chance. A changing of the "bartenders" took place and Crystal Hunt and John took over the duties behind the bar. We were so close to John it was unreal. I got quite a few pictures of him working behind the bar. One thing I noticed was the people liked seeing the actors do shots. *laughing* I know I saw John do at least three or four. Crystal did one, but she stopped after that. In fact she started giving her shots away. All I can say is she is one smart woman. Twinnie pointed out to me while Crystal was behind the bar that she had a massive ring on her finger. Twinnie wasn't joking. The ring is gorgeous. By this time we saw Caitlin come in with a shot bucket. I think she was working with Van, twinnie might have to correct me if I'm wrong. The shots were given to you in like a test tube and they looked blue. I have no idea what they were and for five dollars a shot I wasn't about to find out. *laughing* Have I ever mentioned I'm cheap?
The other actors started moving around the bar. Billy came close to us and ordered a bottle of water. To which twinnie said, "I would have pegged you for a drinker." He responded with the water bottle in his hand, "No I would never drink. I know how its done." *laughing* This is when those super cute and funny pictures were taken with Twinnie and Tina and Billy. Billy leaned over kissing Tina on the cheek (the picture is on Sharon's lj) then he walked over to Twinnie, lifted his shirt and covered her head with it. Twinnie was VERY close to that man's hot body. Lucky bitch. *laughing* As if that wasn't envy-inducing enough, he humped her leg a little. *laughing* Billy is a freaking nut. After that, he walked out onto the dance floor and danced his sexy ass off. *sigh* It was a great sight to see.
John was eventually relieved from bar work by Trent and ....uh....I can't remember. Anyway, he was talking to some people in front of me and accidentally stepped back onto my toe. *sigh* He quickly turned around, grabbed my arm gently and apologized. "I know I just totally stepped on you and I'm so sorry." I told him it wasn't that big of a deal. He's too sweet to be mad at. *laughing* Caitlin was dancing on the dance floor at this point. Adam and I were dancing next to the bar, singing the songs to each other. Caitlin actually came up to us and started dancing with us. *grin* She once again told me that she loved the video and she told Jeff that "the maker of the Shayne/Ashlee video was here." She said that he was excited and wanted to meet me to thank me for making it. *blushes* It really made me feel good to know that she enjoyed it. She acknowledged the fact that they both realize that video must have taken a lot of time and energy. Once again, I was floored by how kind she was. *grin* Twinnie took a picture of all of us dancing. Thank goodness there wasn't any blushing in that photo, because I know I was blushing from all the love she was giving me. Oh and before I forget, I was groped. *laughing* Some man walked by me and grabbed my ass repeatedly as he walked by. *laughing* I was so shocked I didn't know how to react, but now I can laugh and feel a little flattered. The DJ played "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, which is one of my favorite quirky songs. I told Adam and Sharon that it was based on Beth. *is mean and doesn't care* *laughing*
Okay now I'm sure most of you have seen the half naked boys pictures...well this is when the bar bash got interesting. *laughing* The DJ announced that if you tipped well the guys (Billy Magnussen [Casey], Nicholas Galbraith [Zac] and Alex Cole [Hunter]) would bar tend shirtless. The thought I had was, yeah right. I laughed it off until I turned around to face the bar. Slowly, with each dollar dropped into the "tip" bucket, buttons were undone and gorgeous men's chests were revealed. Let me tell you, it was a nice show. The pictures we took couldn't capture well enough how hot those guys are. Times like that, you thank God for gyms (that I don't use) and digital cameras. *laughing* Nick was probably the best at getting tips. He kept people coming back for more (because of his killer chest and abs) by saying, "It's for the children." I don't know how much he ended up making but I know it must have been a pretty penny.
Jake was the first one to sing at karaoke. He sang: Bringing Down the House. And he most definitely did. *grin*
Caitlin sang next and if I didn't already love her I would now. The girl sang Journey. She sang Journey! Dude that is like the best band from the 80s! The song was: Don't Stop Believing. Billy ended up singing with her. I couldn't see much, because I'm short. *laughing* But she sounded really good. I was disappointed that she didn't sing last year, so this made up for it.
Nick sang after Caitlin...and I can't remember the song. I think I was still picturing him shirtless. *laughing* I do know that he had a nice voice.
Billy sang after him. He played guitar and sang two songs. The problem was I didn't recognize either of them. Not that it mattered. Hot guy with a guitar = love no matter what song it is. *laughing*
Caitlin and John tended bar together. This was about the time that Adam and I left. We were feeling the long day and needed some sleep...by that time it was already 2 in the morning. Twinnie and Tina were still at the bar though so maybe she can give more scoop about what happened after Adam and I left. *grin*

Next post...pictures of the Bar Bash event
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Okay here are some of the pictures I took. *grin* I hope you all enjoy them... Not dial up friendly

Just ignore the women in blue... *laughing* Some ANWTS pictures )

Next is my recap of the Bar Bash...Oh the fun is about to start...

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Here is the last half of my recap from this event:
Part 2 of A Night With The Stars )
John's favorite shows: House and Family Guy. Had he not been an actor he would have been in the military.
Caitlin: Had she not been an actor, she would have been a school teacher, she said she was a geek in school.
Ewa De La Cruz (Vienna) : was a nurse in Norway?, she would be an eye doctor if she wasn't an actor
Jake's favorite show: the Simpson's- he admitted at one point he would go into a depression if he missed a week
Van's fave show was the same as Jake's I believe, he was also a geek in a school full of drama "geeks" (I thought that was funny)
Trent said he was an uber geek. Comic books, dungeon's and dragons, etc. He would do doctor's without borders if he wasn't an actor
Billy said that he was a wrestler that got injured and placed in an acting class. He joked that in school he would have beat up Trent (he was a cool kid)
Austin- joked around most of the time while he finished his picture which was being auctioned off. He talked about all the jobs he had and that he wasn't good at any of them. He brought a lot of life to the panel questions.
Alex (Hunter on ATWT)- said he was a band geek in high school.
Jeff's favorite show: House and one that I can't recall. *laughing*
Crystal Hunt (ex-Lizzie, Guiding Light- Stacy, One Life To Live) got the second highest SAT scores in her high school which was a medical designed school (all kids that went there had aspirations to do something in the field of medicine)- this made her one of the cool kids since the higher your grades were the cooler you were. She wanted to be a heart doctor. She started on GL when she was 17.
That's all I can remember right now. Maybe Twinnie can fill in the blanks for me *hopeful look*
The auctions lasted so long. I can't even begin to tell you what all got sold. I can tell you that an As The World Turns tour with Van and Jake went for like 6000 dollars. Meanwhile a Guiding Light tour with Caitlin and Jeff barely went for a 1000. It was pretty sad actually. Jake's painting went for 1100 dollars. Van's went for 375. Big difference. John sold one of Coop's leather jackets to Jeff. Jeff looked really great in it. Jake auctioned off a plaid shirt "Noah" wore. Van auctioned off two shirts. Beth E. auctioned off one of Harley's jackets and Gus's jacket as well. Thorsten (Zach, All My Children) bought the one Gus wore and it didn't fit him at all! Billy bought the Harley jacket and let the model that Beth dragged up there keep it. *grin* All together now...AWWWW! Thorsten also bought his own painting and gave it back to the person he painted it with. (One of the autistic young men) Again...AWWWW! The auctions dragged on quite a while. It got boring and late, but I know they made some serious cash.
Now for all the pictures. The first one I got was John. He stuck his hand out and introduced himself. I told him that I was at the event last year. He smiled at me. God he has a nice smile. *sigh* Anyway. I asked him for a picture and he graciously granted one. I joked that I had to get a lot of him because I was one of the only representatives for the Cooplee fans. He nearly choked on his drink laughing. He was drinking beer at that point I think. The picture turned out really nice and he leaned over my shoulder to look at it with me. God I love digital cameras. *laughing* I was very insecure about my face (I know, I know, get over it) but he was really kind and told me the picture looked great. I got one with Adam's camera too. He told me that he looked forward to seeing me at the bar.
Next was Van. *la sigh* He is much hotter in person if that is possible. Van took two pictures with me as well and he smells really nice. I swear all the pretty points in those pictures went to him. Jenny you picked a lovely guy to love. *grin*
After that I went to Nicholas (Zac). He said that he would only take a picture if I bought some tickets (this was said in a mock serious voice). I showed him my stack of tickets and he grinned, wrapped his arm around me and more pictures were taken. He is very hot, nice and Adam has a crush. *laughing*
Billy was my next victim. He grinned at me when I asked for a picture and said in a sweet voice, "Can we take a prom picture? I miss prom. It was such a great time." Now who could say no to that? *laughing* So we had our prom picture taken. He was king and I was the court jester *laughing* I actually think it turned out really well.
I went to Jake next. He is love. Just a very cool guy. Once again two pictures were taken. By this point I was calling Adam my hottie photographer. *laughing*
Last on my list was Caitlin. Once again she was very sweet. She also said she looked forward to seeing me and Adam at the bar. *grin*
After that it was time to change and head to the bar...


Next up pictures from "A Night With The Stars"
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