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Some of these are really old, but I though what the hell. *laughing*


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The End...


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This is the one shot I was talking about yesterday. I really hope you don't hate it. If you would like to share with friends, send them over. Please let me know what you think. This is very new for me. I have five different couples going on... *hopes it doesn't suck*

Feedback is love...

Title: Everything Looks Different with Little Alcohol
Five Stories that have an alcohol theme...

Couple/Fandom: Tyra/Landry (Friday Night Lights) [Tipsy], Ashlee/Coop (Guiding Light) [drunk], Maxie/Spinelli (General Hospital) [Forget], Luke/Noah (As The World Turns) [Confessions], Reid/Emily (Criminal Minds) [Mistakes]

Summary: Five different themes for five different couples

Type: Angst, Romance, Humor, Smutty fluff

Rating: PG- R (NC-17 lite)

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the shows or any of the characters but I would like to…

Author’s Note: This is to ease me back into fan fiction and hopefully revive my love for writing.


1.     Tipsy (Tyra and Landry- Friday Night Lights) – before they got back together…


Tyra and Landry's story (PG) )


2.     Drunk (Ashlee and Coop- Guiding Light) – Their first fight as a couple


Ashlee and Coop (PG) )


            3. Forget (Maxie/Spinelli – General Hospital) Sometimes it’s better to just forget…


Maxie and Spinelli (PG) )


            4. Confessions (Luke and Noah- As The World Turns) Fun time… (Man on man loving...don't like it, don't read it. This is the warning)


Luke and Noah (R, Lite NC-17) )


            5. Mistakes (Reid and Emily- Criminal Minds) One drink too many


Reid and Emily -Criminal Minds (PG-13) )

Well what did you think? Did they all seriously suck? I would love to hear what you think...

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So yesterday I was going through my email and I got two comments on my Doris video to the song Damaged. Let me tell you, I was shocked. Those videos have been up for over a year and rarely get watched let alone commented on. The first comment was basic: Nice video, I liked the editing, really like the song.

The second one gave me pause and kinda freaked me out. It said: there should be a doris and olivia video.


I have been (and still am) so against the Doris is a Lesbian storyline from the beginning. *is in mourning for BucWild* I'm really heartbroken that at the end of the show's run Frank (who has been there since the 80s) is going to get steamrolled over for a Lesbian couple. I have nothing against Natalia and Olivia being together, but I absolutely hate that Frank is once again going to get hurt. This man has put in more years on the show than most of the other actors and he is continually given crap. His character finally gets laid and it's only because Natalia can't handle being attracted to and falling in love with another woman. Yes I understand that it happens in the real world, but here is the crazy thing...I don't care about the real world. The real world sucks. Thats why we have books, movies, and television...to take us away from the real world. *sigh*

Anyway, I really don't know what to say to that person. The honest to goodness truth is, I have to wonder if they even like Doris or if they just like the fact that the town of Springfield has a lot of Lesbians (but no gay men? Are they only in Oakdale?). If they did like Doris right away, if they did enjoy the character from the bitch stages to the more caring ones, why wait until now to say something? Now that the writers have f'ed up and taken away her chance to have a romance. Not that they would given her one even if she was straight. Wolfe women are only given one man. For Ashlee it was Coop...and the angels sang. But that was ruined by the Big-Blonde-Beth-Death-Bitch. And for Doris it was Alan...*sigh* That just sucks.

God, I'm not even watching the crap anymore and I still get pulled into the show. *shakes head*
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No time to read this over. Prepare yourself for HUGE mistakes...

Title: Shattered Reflection
Chapter: 21
Author: Jailynn
Word Count: 2493
Couple/Show: Ashlee and Rocky, Guiding Light
Disclaimer: Mine, all mine. *laughing*
Summary: Ashlee moved away from Springfield after Coop's death and Rocky came back. What if Rocky was Coop's twin? What if Ashlee didn't know that? What then?
Warning: Not beta'd, mistakes a plenty...please forgive me
Type: Angst, romance
Acknowledgements: Thank you to Jenny for the beautiful banner.
Feedback: Please I love and need feedback! I'm not afraid to beg... *begs* Please!
Rating: PG-13


Shattered Reflection Chapter 21 )
What do you think?
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This story took me an hour to do. I spent so little time on it for three reasons. 1) I spent 8 hours in a car going to get my niece and nephews so that they could spend Easter with my parents. 2) I had to get up at 5 in the morning to get the kids...and I'm exhausted. 3) I really wanted to write sometime short that had an end to it. Is this story great? Nope. Is it okay? I hope so... Please let me know.

Title: Do You Believe In Fate?
Author: Jailynn
Raiting: G
Word Count: 1151
Type: Fluffy hope, one shot, short story, AU
Disclaimer: I own them. They are mine. I will continue to write "Coop&Ashlee4ever" stories until my brain dries up. If you sue me because you think you have a right to them, I will sue you back for causing me (and others) emotional distress over the Bethwhore and Coop affair. I got sick and had many sleepless nights over that. (true the sleepless nights were due to the fact I was planning Beth's death... *ahem* But they don't know that...) Then I will turn Rainbow, my guard dog, loose on you. This is your warning. Leave me be with my characters. *looks intently at the screen* You hear me?
Warning: Alternate Reality (Last Summer, one month after the break up)
Feedback: Please and thank you... I don't want to send Rainbow after you all... *begs* Please?!


Do You Believe In Fate? )
Only 4 more days...please let me know what you think.
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I was listening to a CD with songs from the 80's (the greatest decade for music ever...*ahem* I'm a wee bit of a fan) and the song "Obsession" came on. I was bouncing my head, humming and singing along to the words when this idea popped into my head. I don't know if I'll do a follow up to it, but it was fun to do. I hope you like it. The end of Lent fiction is coming. I will try to wrap Shattered Reflection up by next week. I hope you are all having a great day. Please reply and let me know what you think.

Title: Obsession
Author: Jailynn
Word Count: 1951
Type: Mystery, Attraction, AU/AR majorly
Summary: Stalking Isn't Sexy
Characters: Ashlee, Coop
Show: Guiding Light
Warning: AU- Coop is a FBI agent- Ashlee is a college student; Unbeta'd
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own them now that CBS has cancelled the show. I claim them. I will lock the characters in a broom closet and bring them out when necessary (kind of like Barbie and Ken...before they broke up.) Springfield is being changed. Beth was shoved into a trash compactor. It was very messy and I was upset...for a second then I realized my shirt wasn't stained. If you would like to write for the characters you have to ask then credit me. Now if you will excuse me, it's time for my meds.
Feedback: YES! YES! Don't make me send Achmed the Dead Terrorist after you! *bats eyelashes* Please....



Obsession )

What did you think?

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This is a fluffy piece of nothing that I hope you enjoy. *nervous smile* 8 stories left!

Title: The Wii Bet
Author: Jailynn
Word Count: 1137
Warning: Major fluff
Type: Romance, fluffy silliness
Feedback: Please and thank you
Summary: Coop and Ashlee play the Wii
Rating: PG


The Wii Bet )
What do you think? Please reply. *pouts and begs*
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We are in the single digits now. Only 9 more!!! Hopefully today I will do the one for yesterday...if not blame the weather. *laughing* We still have rain.

Title: Hindsight Is Clearer
Author: Jailynn
Rating: PG
Summary: Love can be hard. It can feel like you are walking through fire with no hope of making it to the other side.
Type: Angst, first person
Word Count: 964
Feedback: Please and thank you.

Hindsight Is Clearer )
What do you think?
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Not edited. I'm warning you now it make really suck. I hope it doesn't though. Please let me know what you think!

Title: Shattered Reflection
Chapter: 20
Author: Jailynn
Word Count: 2667
Couple/Show: Ashlee and Rocky, Guiding Light
Disclaimer: Not mine at all
Summary: Ashlee moved away from Springfield after Coop's death and Rocky came back. What if Rocky was Coop's twin? What if Ashlee didn't know that? What then?
Warning: Not beta'd, mistakes a plenty...please forgive me
Type: Angst, romance
Acknowledgements: Thank you to Jenny for the beautiful banner.
Feedback: Please I love and need feedback! I'm not afraid to beg... *begs* Please!
Rating: PG-13


Shattered Reflection Chapter 20 )
What do you think?
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11 days left of Lent. Thank god! *wipes brow* This is another one-shot. I promise I will get back to Shattered Reflection soon. With the insane day I had, I didn't have time to formulate a decent chapter for that story. I hope you enjoy this story anyway though.

Title: The Truth
Author: Jailynn
Rating: PG
Warning: Alternate Reality, not edited
Summary: Coop and Ashlee hash things out a bit
Timeline: One year from now 2010- Coop had the affair with Beth, but he ended it. Ashlee found out about it. The book wasn't published by Blake. It does play a role in the story though-- Coop obviously didn't die in a lame crash.
Type: Angst, Romance, AU/AR
Word Count: 2135
Characters: Ashlee, Coop, Buzz
Feedback: YES, PLEASE... *begs*
The Truth )
Well what do you think?
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