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Some of these are really old, but I though what the hell. *laughing*


Picspam!!!! )

The End...


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Here is part 2...

Booze Cruise Pictures Part 2 )

Okay I guess there is going to be a part 3... here I end part 2 *laughing*
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Here are some pictures from before, during and after the cruise:


Booze Cruise pictures part 1 )

I'm going to stop here and do a second post of pictures...

Okay on to part 2...

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Here is the last recap: (I'll try to keep this short because I'm not sure anyone is actually reading these)


Booze Cruise Recap )

Next post will be the pictures from the cruise...

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Here is another set of pictures from the bar bash...

I hope you enjoy these.
Bar Bash pictures part 2 )Next is my recap of the cruise...

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Okay here are some of my bar bash pictures... I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. *wink/grin*

Part 1 of my pictures from the Bar bash )

Next post will be more pictures from the bar...
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Okay here are some of the pictures I took. *grin* I hope you all enjoy them... Not dial up friendly

Just ignore the women in blue... *laughing* Some ANWTS pictures )

Next is my recap of the Bar Bash...Oh the fun is about to start...

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There might be more added later in a part two kinda way. *laughing* This one is long and it doesn't even have the pictures in it.


A Night With the Stars Part 1 )
I don't know how to really break this up, but I will start with the negative that happened this weekend. Because then we can work up to the really amazing stuff. And trust me, from my perspective, the good far, far outweighed the bad. This weekend was bad for technology and me.
  • When we got to the hotel, Adam wanted to swim, but me being the way I am (and the fact that I didn't bring a swimsuit) declined to go into the pool. I instead decided to lay out a bit and listen to my Zune. It was great the sun was shining, hardly a cloud in the blue sky, the water (which I had put my legs into) was the perfect temperature, it was wonderful- then disaster- as I was getting up, my Zune went into the water. It is dead. I'm holding a memorial service for it Wednesday. All are welcome to attend.  
  • My digital camera hit the floor at the bar. I'm just relieved that didn't break. I would have been completely lost had that happened. Batteries didn't last that long...at all. It was lucky that Adam and I thought to buy some before we went down to Marco Island. If we hadn't, there would be no pretty pictures to show and share.
That was really the worst things that happened to me. Not so bad, huh? Now lets get started with the recap of the Night with The Stars... I'm going to try and remember all I can...
As I said in the previous post, Adam and I did sit with Caitlin. We felt horrible though. Only five people paid to sit with her. *sigh* On the flip side I got to talk with her a lot and as Adam said, speak my mind quite freely. (I really have a big mouth that gets away from me without my brain saying it can speak. I need to work on that) She was very nice. I really enjoyed my time with her, but I'll get to that in a minute. I'm going to try and paint a picture for you. You could really skip the first paragraph under this one if you don't want to know the seating arrangement. *laughing*
I have to say that I didn't quite like the set up this year. Last year, I was really close to the stage, this year we were in the back of the VIP section. It could of been worse I know but it made getting pictures really difficult. My Twinnie and her sister were at John's table which was to the right of Caitlin's. The one right in front of us was Van's and in front of him was Jake. To Jake's right was Billy M. (Casey, As the World Turns) and Nicholas G. (Zac, As the World Turns). From there I couldn't really see. I know that Beth E. (ex-Harley, Guiding Light) had a table in the center of the room. The dinner was a buffet, which was pretty good. And that is all I'm going to say about that. *laughing* Because it's even boring me!
The no-shows this year were Grant A. (Phillip, Guiding Light) and Michael O' Leary (Rick, Guiding Light). I have to be honest and say that it didn't really bother me that they weren't there. I feel bad for anyone that was counting on seeing them though. They were the only ones I really noticed were missing. John has a new girlfriend. She was at all the events and so was Caitlin's boyfriend. We found out that Caitlin actually met him in Vegas and is surprised that a long term relationship grew from that. *laughing* Vegas isn't notorious for long term love affairs. *grin*
The rumor "going around" is that Guiding Light might be picked up by a new network. The emcee hinted around to that fact at the beginning of the dinner. What that means for what is happening on the show now, I don't know. After she made the announcement she directed our attention to a "survey" that was on each of the tables. Basically, it was asking questions about the show, our viewing habits and if we would stop watching CBS if the show really did go off the air. Honestly, I didn't have the heart to write on there that most have already stopped watching, hence the fact they are being cancelled. *sigh* Once her speech was done, she introduced the actors starting with the All My Children stars. Guiding Light was last and John missed his intro. He was late to the dinner. But showed up before anything major went on. I do have to admit that I didn't get to really see him much even though he was sitting at the next table. But Twinnie was at his table so hopefully she has some interesting things to say about him and her time at his table.
Caitlin came to sit at our table and shook our hands and asked for our names. She did remember me vaguely. She thought that she had seen me before. I told her that I was at the event last year. She asked us where we were from and was impressed that we drove all that way to come to Marco. I asked her if Ashlee would ever get another man. She said no. Unfortunately that wasn't in the cards for her character. I don't remember how it was brought up but I mentioned Shayne and Ashlee and the video I did a while ago. (God this is going to sound like I was pimping myself and that I'm full of myself *sigh*) Her mouth dropped open. She had seen the video and loved it. She even showed it to Jeff B. (Shayne), who also loved it. She mentioned it to Ellen Wheeler (otherwise known as the demon lady to me). The scoop I got there was Shayne was going to be for Ashlee, but the writers changed their minds and thought he had much more potential with Dinah. *sigh* So Shaylee fans, we were close. I told her that I hated the Beth/Coop crap. Caitlin admitted that it was never supposed to be liked. I got the impression (although she didn't say it, so don't say she did!!!!) that by that time the writers had already written Coop's death in their minds. Adam, Caitlin and I walked through the buffet line together talking the entire time. She knows that the writing is bad. She said that all the actors know it, but there is nothing they can do. Caitlin also mentioned that Ashlee was never supposed to speak at Coop's funeral. In fact it was only going to be Lizzie and Beth. She called Ellen Wheeler and told her that that wasn't right. That Cooplee fans deserved more than that, so they wrote her that crappy paragraph to say. Again, my mouth jumped before I could stop it and said that it felt like a slap in the face that Ashlee didn't get a proper goodbye to Coop. I also said that Coop and Beth made me want to puke. (yeah, I really need to work on my impulse control. *laughing*) Naturally I couldn't leave it there, I also said that the fans knew that they tried that damn storyline with Blake and it didn't work for a reason. Caitlin nodded. She agrees with all of our frustrations. What this all boils down to is she knows we are/were unhappy by the way the characters were treated. She also hated that after Coop's death, Ashlee went back to being her happy self. I think she felt as betrayed as we did. So that was nice to have that validation. We talked about Doris is a Lesbian storyline. She laughed and said that that was a running joke between the actors (that Doris was a bit too manly for a man to handle her and that she got pregnant from a sperm bank), but the writers decided to actually use it, not to give Doris a story but to push the Natalia/Olivia storyline. *laughing* Everyone that's been on this journal knows I'm a Doris/Buzz fan. I told Caitlin that I was pushing for that relationship. She smiled and admitted she had been as well. Oh and they tape six weeks ahead...Ashlee still doesn't know about Doris's sexual orientation. *sigh* She also doesn't know what will be the final storyline for her character. Most of the actors have had their meetings to find out...she hasn't. Like I said I got to talk with her a lot.


Okay more will be posted in a bit.

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I'm asking another favor of all my cyber friends...

On the Soaps In Depth site we have the question of the week.

The question: Do you want to see Coop and Ashlee back together?

Here is the link: click me for the poll

And if you are a fan of Casey and Alison on As the World Turns they have:

Would you like to see Alison and Casey as a couple?

Please go vote and show support for our couple. Between winning this poll and the Beth/Coop losing their polls, maybe we will get our couple back. And made Ashlee and Coop will regain their brains. **hugs**
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Okay I really understand for story sake common sense does not apply to soap opera characters. I have thrown things at the television enough times to fully comprehend that fact but this can not be ignored.


On yesterday and today's As The World Turns, Alison was taken against her will. She was driven somewhere and encountered a group of masked men that taunted her while Casey got himself smashed. The men turned on one of her porn movies and started abusing her. Forced her to take her clothes off and really harassed her with a video camera pointed at her in plain sight. (Which I will come back to). When she finally got away (meaning the dicks dropped her in the middle of Oakdale), Casey came upon her and she only had her bra and underwear on. She told Casey not to tell the cops. (Stupid thing to do number one) They figure out where she was taken and they made plans to find the people that did this. Casey's parents came home right then... his mother, Margo, a cop that has been raped and never turns down a case where a female has been abused and his father, Tom, who is a lawyer. Alison and Casey don't say anything to them. (stupid thing to do number two). They find the dorm room (the dicks used their own room...dumb, dumb, dumb!) Casey, a person that is on probation, knocks on the door and beats the tar out of Kevin's campaign manager. (Stupid thing to do number three, but man I was cheering him on. I wanted him to kill the jerk) Casey gets arrested and Margo and Tom get called to the station... they tell the story about what happened to Ali and Margo asks if they have any proof. Ali said no! WTF!!!! A video camera was used in the assault. Are the idiots in charge serious? Alison would remember that. I screamed repeatedly, "Alison they taped you!" Why don't characters listen?  Well at the end of the show, as Casey is being led away, Kevin and the dickhead campaign manager (who is denser than a three feet solid brick wall) are watching Alison get tormented on the dickhead's computer. Kevin says the words that I knew were coming, "That's evidence. You need to get rid of it."

Okay, why is Alison always harassed? She just got that done to her by Chris and now these dickhead, college asshats do it too? I still hate that Ali broke Aaron's heart, but the poor girl needs to be left alone. No one deserves what happened to her. And Kevin, who I liked before this, is officially on my "eat crap and cry" list. Casey on the other hand, has moved on to my "you're alright, man" list.

On the General Hospital WTF? front: Johnny wanted Patrick to miss his own wedding so that Patrick could preform surgery on Johnny's father... a man Johnny hates.... (Still waiting for that to make sense.) I was so with Claudia today. Let the old jerk die. He is not worth it. As if that wasn't enough, WTF, Patrick actually stays to perform the surgery. Um, hell no! I can't believe anyone thought that would be believable. *rolls eyes* Also in a completely shallow area, what the hell is up with Matt's hair. It looked like it was sticking up in the front like a sharpened pencil. NOT a good look. I can't stand Liz/Jason. They are all kinds of boring even in Fastforward. *yawn* I don't care how many fans they have. That couple is made of bore. Olivia/Sonny/Kate are great! They make my viewing time decrease. Fastforward ROCKS!

I do have to say, I loved Maxie's scenes. She was even civil to Liz. *is shocked* Spnelli was so cute in his worry. *hugs him* I wish he had been on more though.

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