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Okay I'm sorry the show was crap, but Spixie and Jasam saved the day by giving me so much happiness I'm practically bursting at that seams. After a year of waiting, wishing, hoping and praying the Spixie lovers have finally gotten their dream. Maxie told Spinelli that she loves him and she'll love him forever then she rushed into his arms and planted a romantic kiss on his lips. *la sigh* I'm dancing on cloud nine, singing to the heavens happy. While I seriously hated the Spinelli on the run story because of the lack of...well everything entertaining, I have to give credit where credit is do. Thank you to the writers for giving us this magical moment in the mist of all the crap. *grin*

Oh and PS: Isn't it amazing that Geek girl gets a bump in her clearance with the FBI as soon as Sam talks about needing an in to get the evidence against Spinelli? *ducks and runs from the giant anvil that just fell from the sky*

I also have to give love to Raynor. *laughing* Mark Pinter is an incredible actor and I giggle when he makes Winnie the geek girl nervous. It's all sorts of fun.

Here are the pictures from the I love you scene: Let's all sigh together:


These images aren't mine.

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Yes today was a clusterpluck of Michael stupidity. I didn't care when he got shot and I don't care now. But this made up for that:


Need I say more? *these images don't belong to me*

Oh and for the WTF files. What is up with Winnie calling Spin practically her boyfriend? Oh hell no, geeky girl. I don't think so.
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I just wanted everyone to know that I don't know when the next chapter of "Shattered Reflection"  will be posted today. I have a lot to do, but I will post! If it's not today the chapter will be posted tomorrow with a special Sunday surprise I have been working on for the past week. And I really, really hope you like it.

In the meantime I have found some new Caitlin pictures and have mixed in some old John pictures as well.  I also found a video of Caitlin giving a tour of GL backstage. It's kinda lame, but hey I want to support her...GL sure as hell isn't. *grumble*

Picspam )

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Hello everyone. I want to start this with three statements.

1) I want to thank everyone for the support and hugs you have sent me the past couple of days. I really needed that kind of love. While I'm still sad and it still hurts to think about, I'm doing a little better. Simba is in a much better place and I know he is watching over our family.

*sigh* Enough of the sad stuff *grin*

2) I am working on a chapter of "Seven Days and Six Nights" I hope to have it completely sometime tonight, but it's slow going. *crosses fingers* I'm hopeful though.

3) These pictures are not mine. I found them on another site and decided to share with everyone. Some of them I have never seen before so I figured a lot of you haven't either. I also want to say, there aren't a lot of Caitlin pictures. Damn photographers needed to show her some love! She's the hottest girl on the show. *laughing* What me bias, never...   This picspam is not dial-up friendly. A lot of pictures will be shown.

Enjoy the show:

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Here are some pictures I found and some I had. Once again, I'm going to be a dork and caption them. What can I say? I'm bored. *laughing*


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Here are some pictures with my captions... I'd love to see yours! (Warning some naughty language ahead)

Caption This! )

Dirty minded me would love you to take a try! *wink*.
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Okay so many of you said that you would like another party and I have four dates that could work. Please let me know which one is best for you all and the day with the most votes is the day the party will be.

December 15

December 20

December 23

December 25 (Christmas)



CBS pictures with my spin... GL and ATWT )

Luke pictures


Luke Pictures )
Let me know which day you want and if you would like to contribute. *grin*
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Hello everyone. I have scanned the pictures from last week/this week finally, but I want to let everyone know that  I probably will not be scanning pictures anymore after next week. I put a lot of money and time into this. I love sharing with you all, but I will not support GL's ridiculous stories anymore. I can't. I have just seen a spoiler that said: Coop's affair is revealed. This pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin of the show and his character for me. I have loved Coop and Ashlee for over a year. I have put time into the characters and the story and I feel like I haven't gotten anything in return, except for frustration. My stories will not suffer because I'm pretending that Pod Coop and Pod Ashlee don't exist. If things change or if a really great article gets written about Coop, Ashlee, John and/or Caitlin then I will scan and post it. *sigh*

Here is everything I have...

Pictures and spoilers )

the end
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Please Vote everyone!!!
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Please stay safe in whatever you plan to do tonight. Have a wonderfully spooky and fun All Hallow's Eve!!

         <btw: Not my Jack-O-Lantern. I'm not that talented at all. *laughing*
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