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posted by [personal profile] jailynn24 at 10:03am on 09/05/2009 under ,
These are the shows that have definitely been saved and will be back next year. I hope your favorites are on here... (My favorites are bolded and colored in red) (The ones that I wish would go away are bolded and colored green)


  • 30 Rock, NBC
  • 90210, CW
  • The Amazing Race, CBS
  • American Dad, FOX
  • American Idol, FOX
  • America's Funniest Home Videos, ABC
  • America's Next Top Model, CW
  • The Bachelor, ABC
  • The Big Bang Theory, CBS
  • The Biggest Loser, NBC
  • Brothers & Sisters, ABC
  • The Celebrity Apprentice, NBC
  • Dancing with the Stars, ABC
  • Desperate Housewives, ABC
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC
  • Family Guy, FOX
  • Fringe, FOX
  • Gossip Girl, CW
  • Grey's Anatomy, ABC
  • Heroes, NBC
  • Law & Order: SVU, NBC
  • Lost, ABC
  • The Office, NBC
  • One Tree Hill, CW
  • Parks and Recreation, NBC
  • Private Practice, ABC
  • The Simpsons, FOX
  • Smallville, CW
  • Southland, NBC (for 13 episodes)
  • Supernanny, ABC
  • Supernatural, CW
  • Survivor, CBS
  • 'Til Death, FOX
  • Two and a Half Men, CBS
  • Ugly Betty, ABC
  • Wife Swap, ABC

I'll update the list as more shows get saved or cancelled.
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posted by [identity profile] jyl22075.livejournal.com at 03:39pm on 09/05/2009
I honestly watch one of those shows. *laughing* Apparently, I do not like what everyone else does. Then again, I'm not to in to the primetime shows. I do want to see Criminal Minds make the list though. The last few episodes have annoyed me, but I still love the show.
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 04:37pm on 09/05/2009
The ones I highlighted are the shows I've watched and really liked, but I honestly don't watch that much tv anyone. I watch Criminal Minds, Food Network and the Travel Channel. *laughing* I'm so lame. For me Criminal Minds goes in waves, some episodes are really great and some aren't, but I'll take even their worst over most of the other crap on television. *laughing*
posted by [identity profile] angelzqq.livejournal.com at 05:36pm on 09/05/2009
Some of the ones I like, you want to go away, lol Thanks for posting *hugs*

posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 05:10pm on 10/05/2009
*laughing* I know, I thought about that after I was done highlighting. *shrugs* Looking back, it really looks like I have something against ABC, but I really don't. I'm just not a fan of their primetime. *laughing*

posted by [identity profile] maurinak.livejournal.com at 06:19pm on 09/05/2009
YAY! Most of my favs are on here. I'm so glad "Fringe" was renewed. That is so becoming one of my "must watch" shows during the week.

I'm totally with you on "The Bachelor"...there aren't appropriate words in the human language for me to describe how much I loathe that show. Celebrity Apprentice is right up there for me to.

As I mentioned before, I'm really holding out hope for "Chuck" and "Dollhouse", and I really like "House"...I'm surprised it isn't on this list.

Thanks for the update! *hugs*
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 05:18pm on 10/05/2009
Fringe I think has been renewed for a while. I know it's been doing very well in the ratings for it's timeslot...even though I've missed like two months worth of episodes. I really enjoy watching the show when I can.

I loathe the "Bachelor". I can't believe women expose themselves to that degrading form of "entertainment" willingly. And the ones that are loyal to watching it boggles my mind. I mean it's basically a cattle auction and it winner gets some jerk with a nice (in most cases) bank account. *shakes head* Hate it! I have never watched Donald Thump's show and I have no intention to. I don't want to give that man any more money or undeserved fame.

Chuck and Dollhouse...hmm... I have heard that Dollhouse doesn't look very promising. I don't know if I would hang my hopes on that show. (*cries for Joss's baby*) Chuck...that show I'm not so sure about. I haven't watched it all year, but I know it's still popular. It will probably be back, but when I know something for sure I'll let you know. **hugs**


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