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Some of these are really old, but I though what the hell. *laughing*


Ignore the blonde bitch... *grrr* Hate Beth, why won't she just die?

Aww, shucks!


The End...


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posted by [identity profile] eertyecal.livejournal.com at 12:32am on 09/05/2009
Thanks for sharing the pics Jai! Many of those I have never seen. I actually taped Guiding Light 3 days last week to scan the shows for the Florida scenes. Caitlin looked amazing! But it was the same crap they wanna call storylines. I love the pic of Billy in the cow shirt. I used to collect cows. I'd love to have that on my bedroom shelf! **grin**. Tray
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 01:04am on 09/05/2009
I really did try and watch Guiding Light the other day, but I couldn't do it. I felt my brain dripping out of my ears. *sigh* The writing is still really bad and I noticed that no one even mentions Coop. It's like he didn't exist. *sigh* The only thing that saved the show was seeing Caitlin. I feel almost protective of her because I really like her and had a great time being around her. *laughing* I'm crazy...sorry this just went into a rant. Anyway, I'm happy to share the pictures I find, Tray. **hugs** Billy has become my new obsession. *laughing* And to think I wasn't even really a fan of his before last weekend. *wink*
posted by [identity profile] eertyecal.livejournal.com at 01:48am on 09/05/2009
I feel the same way about Coop just being "erased". It's sickening. It's the first time I've watched or taped since Coop died. I just wanted to see Caitlin in her summer outfits *grin*. I haven't always liked his character but I do love Billy too. He's just so fun and has ornery written across his face. He definitely pulls you in like a magnet. He has the most beautiful eyes and yeah I'll say it one more time, an AMAZING BUTT! I'm so glad you're a fan too now. Another hot guy for us to discuss. Oh well, what's life for if you can't ogle the hotties? **hugs** Tray
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 01:24pm on 09/05/2009
Even Caitlin said that they (the writers) swept Coop and Coop's death under the rug. How horrible is it that John worked there for over four years, put his heart and soul into the character and for an exit story they give him crap and then act like he was never there to begin with. *sigh* It is sad and sickening. Caitlin looks beautiful. I really wish they would give her something to do before the show dies. She's so talented. *sigh* Billy is great, but Casey is not my favorite character at all. *laughing* He is just too childish at times and has no direction, but he is gorgeous. I think because I know have a major crush on Billy, I might be a little more forgiving of Casey. *laughing* Oh and yeah, his butt is NICE. *grin* **hugs**
posted by [identity profile] maurinak.livejournal.com at 12:46am on 09/05/2009
These are fantastic! Some great finds I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing! *hugs*
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 01:05am on 09/05/2009
I'm glad you enjoyed them. **hugs** I go to this really wonderful site and sometimes I find pictures that I've never seen before. *grin* I'm always happy to share them with you all.
posted by [identity profile] angelzqq.livejournal.com at 02:18am on 09/05/2009
These are great pics. Billy doesn't look bad with longer hair but honestly I'm not sure he could look bad, lol He has such a great personality. And Caitlin looks fantastic in those pics. She actually looks smaller there than she does in the more recent pics. She may have gained some back. That's fairly common after those surgeries. And I think she looked great when she was heavier. I'm rambling, I'll hush now, lol Thanks for posting these! *hugs*

posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 01:32pm on 09/05/2009
I saved some pictures of Billy with the long hair that made me laugh out loud. He has great hair, but I definitely prefer the shorter look to the longer one. *laughing* Of course with a body like his I might not care at all about his hair. *wink* I don't know if she gained some weight back or not. She is/was gorgeous no matter her size, but I think it was the clothes she wore last weekend. Don't get me wrong, I think she looked beautiful, but I think the cut was wrong. At least with the nude colored dress, I loved the one she wore on the cruise. *grin* But she does look great in these photos. **hugs** Rambling is allowed and encouraged. *grin* **hugs and love**

posted by [identity profile] jyl22075.livejournal.com at 03:32am on 09/05/2009
Aww... there is so much pretty in this post! I LOVE that you included Billy. *grin* I think my favorite is the one of John and the bird. Look at the way the bird is staring at him. As if to say... "damn, he is hot!" *laughing*
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 01:37pm on 09/05/2009
Normally I don't like birds. They aren't my favorite animals in the world. (I've had some unflattering experiences with birds and two chase/attack Lucky. Not a fan of birds) But, having said that, the picture of John with the bird is so cute. *laughing* It made me smile when I was looking at it. Billy really made a great impression on me this past weekend. I don't know if I'll ever be Team Casey (unless he grows up a little, Allison deserves a man not a kid) but I'm definitely team Billy. *grin*


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