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Here is the last recap: (I'll try to keep this short because I'm not sure anyone is actually reading these)


The booze cruise:

Tina and Twinnie got on the boat first and got us the perfect table. Right in front of the door and one that only had four chairs. One for each of us. We got to see everyone enter the boat so that was nice. We knew who would be on it and wouldn't be. The no shows that I know for sure weren't there: Beth Ehlers and Crystal Hunt. I believe, but could be wrong, that the rest of the actors were there. Some you could tell were feeling the bar effects. *laughing* I took some pictures as the actors boarded the boat, but some were next to impossible to get because the fans swarmed them almost immediately. The DJ from the night before was already set up and pushing "Bloody Marys". *laughing* I guess he follows the: "embrace the snake that bit you" way to deal with hangovers. *laughing* Both Twinnie and Adam had one. Twinnie's was a virgin Bloody Mary and Adam's wasn't. I really actually liked Adam's drink (I sampled both) and that's shocking because I'm not a drinker at all. Anyway, Tina and I both had our t-shirts and sharpies ready for the actors to autograph. Everyone was really sweet. Each one stopped to sign and take pictures. I got all I wanted this time. All the actors were covered. *laughing*

One of the coolest things to happen at the beginning was when Austin Peck walked in. He ordered his bloody Mary and Twinnie asked him to sign our shirts. He pulled up a chair saying, "I need to stretch out to do my signature." He pulled the shirt across his legs and then proceeded to draw an character on Tina's shirt. It was really amazing to watch him do it. Anyone that has been to Sharon's LJ has seen the picture Austin drew for them. It's fantastic and such a cool personal item for all the fans. I handed him my shirt and he drew a different picture just for me. As he was drawing, Sharon asked if he would do drawing professionally (at least that's what I think the question was. I was pretty focused on the character forming in front of me) He admitted that he loved to draw but he didn't think he could do it as a job. It was nice to have it be something done for enjoyment and not something that was done for someone else. He didn't want to have to be judged for it. Never once while he was talking did his focus leave his drawing. I will definitely post the picture of the finished product, because I happen to really love mine. After he was finished, I walked around the table and Adam took our picture. I have always like him. Even when he played Austin on Days of Our Lives and let me tell you he lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Austin is just a real genuinely nice guy.

The rest of the actors came and signed our shirts. Caitlin stopped by our table and took some pictures with Twinnie and Tina. She moved over to my side and one armed hugged me. She wondered if I was enjoying the weekend and how I liked the bar. She asked if I got all the pictures and signatures I wanted. I admitted that I was missing Jeff's. (He signed my shirt while I was getting food for me and Adam) Caitlin told me he was on the second floor sitting at the table next to John's and hers. Now I know that doesn't seem like much, and maybe I'm being a little braggy (God I hope I don't sound that way) but I just love that girl. Once again she didn't have to talk with me other than to say hello. I just really think she went out of her way and that was nice. I also like to think that she might have liked me. *laughing* Crazy I know (I'm just me and me is boring), but you gotta have a dream. *shakes head*

I did go upstairs with Adam. He wanted to see the second floor and I wanted a picture with Jeff. The boat was so nice! One of the first things I noticed when we got on it was that it was an upgrade from last year. It felt bigger and I really liked the way it was set up. Jeff was talking with his girlfriend so I waited until he was done then another fan caught him before I could. While they took a picture together I looked around. There were more paintings and I looked for John's name, Jake's, Van's, Billy's, Nick's or Caitlin's. I took a picture of the one that John and Caitlin did together then got my picture taken with Jeff. I didn't mention the video. Too chicken and didn't want to seem pushy. Once I got my picture we walked back downstairs.

For a while nothing major happened...unless you count gratuitous amounts of butt pictures something major. No actor was safe I tell you. My camera tried to capture as many as I possibly could. *laughing*

About half way through the cruise, Van came down and was swarmed by fans. He was talking with them very close to our table. As the conversation continued the women moved closer and closer to Van. He in turned moved back slightly. Before we knew it, Twinnie and I were face to butt with Van's ass. *laughing* I'm not joking. I'm not blowing this out to be bigger than it was. I'm being serious. The poor guy was being pushed closer and closer to our table. Now where I was sitting ended up being a blessing and a curse. A curse because I had no way of escaping. A blessing because I had no way of escaping. *laughing* This weekend wasn't a good one for my big toe. John stepped on it in the bar and Van stepped on it on the cruise. *laughing* Like John, Van immediately apologized, but he couldn't really give me any room because of the women moving so close to him. I know this lasted at least 30 minutes. His leg brushed up against mine a lot. He has nice legs. *laughing*

After that, it was time for the auctions. The first thing you could bid on is a "make over" done by one of the male stars. This meant they made up your face from behind. *laughing* Alex was one of the people to get their make up done. I believe his artist was Austin. At the end the "audience" got to pick a winner. It was no shock that Alex and Austin won. *laughing*

More auctions...pictures got sold. John auctioned off a painting and a shirt he wore in a soccor game (signed and framed) for 350 dollars. Of course As The World Turns brought in the most money. And to be truthful, most of the stuff went to the (gay) man that groped me in the bar and a female who I'm guessing was his friend. I can't give you a dollar amount that they spent...but it had to have been in the ten thousand range.

Once the auctions were done, it was time to go back to port and enter the real world once again. I'm sure I forgot somethings that happened, but that was a pretty good (or it is for my memory right now and I don't want to bore you) recap of the cruise.

Thank you all that read and replied to each one of these. I hope you enjoyed them and sorry for the length I really did plan on making it short. *sigh*

Next post will be the pictures from the cruise...

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