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Okay here are some of the pictures I took. *grin* I hope you all enjoy them... Not dial up friendly

This is when they all arrived...

Van and a fan....

Question and Answer Panel -- Guiding Light and One Life To Live

As The World Turns Question and Answer panel-- My camera couldn't get them all. Ewa was next to Trent and Austin was next to her.

Van and I part 1

Van and I part 2

John and I part 1

John and I part 2

Van and Jake auctioning off the tour of As The World Turns

Nicholas and I... He is so hot in person. Why did Zac have to be a bad guy? *sigh*

High School never ends. This is my prom picture with Billy. *grin*

Caitlin and I. She really is sweet and I so enjoyed hanging out with her

Adam and Caitlin. Aren't they adorable?

Jake and I. Such a cool guy.

Oh I forgot Trent... I got a picture with him at the Dinner as well


Next is my recap of the Bar Bash...Oh the fun is about to start...

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posted by (anonymous) at 06:01pm on 05/05/2009
Very niceeeeeeeeeeee! JD is sooooooooooo yummy!

Thanks for sharing!
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 10:43pm on 05/05/2009
Yes he does. It was so nice seeing him again. He looks even better in person. *grin*
posted by (anonymous) at 06:05pm on 05/05/2009
Awesome pictures Jai!!!!! The one with you and Billy is oh so cute. And I have to say I am absolutely green with envy over your picture with John *grin*. I do have to ask who is the guy in the picture with Caitlin? Loved all the pics Jai, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!! srobinso21
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 10:46pm on 05/05/2009
Thank you, Sheryl. *grin* Billy is a wonderfully zany, fun guy. I couldn't believe he wanted to do a prom picture, but I wasn't about to say no to his arms around me. *laughing* John was such a sight for sore eyes. I've missed him. It was great seeing him again...and he is so gorgeous in person. The guy with Caitlin is my best friend Adam. He is the one that went to Marco Island with me. *grin*
posted by [identity profile] jyl22075.livejournal.com at 07:30pm on 05/05/2009
JAI! You're pictures are fabulous, you look beautiful and I'm so jealous!!! The pic of you and Jake is so great. Jake looks a bit... high... or something. *laughing* I love the one of you and Billy. He is such a character. JD looks extremely good. His hair is very short. Both pics of you and Van came out beautifully. I think I like the second one better because Van's got a little more smile going on in that one. Thanks again for sharing the awesomeness. I love ya! *hugs*
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 11:14pm on 05/05/2009
Aww, thank you for being my bias friend, Jenny. *laughing* You are way too kind to me. *hugs* Poor Jake. It didn't look like that on the camera. *laughing* He's cute even when he looks high on something. *grin* Billy is so much fun. When he said he wanted to do a prom picture I was like, "um, what?" *laughing* But there was no way I was going to miss having his arms around me. *wink* John looks even better in person...as impossible as that seems. Van is so gorgeous. He really gets all the pretty points, but I agree with you the second one is my favorite as well. ♥ you too, Jenny. **hugs**
posted by (anonymous) at 11:02pm on 05/05/2009
I loved the recaps and all the pictures, it was almost like being there! Thanks again for sharing! Hugs! Aus
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 11:27pm on 05/05/2009
I'm so glad you are enjoying them, Aus. *grin* I really wish you had been there. I know you would have had a blast. **hugs**
posted by (anonymous) at 03:18am on 06/05/2009
I just remembered, after the Daytime Emmys it was Billy who was posing with all the ladies. It was kisses for all and the ladies were swooning!! I had to look at your pics to figure out who he was! lol He seemed like quite the character.Too funny!
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 12:21pm on 06/05/2009
Having met him this weekend and seen first hand how crazy the boy is, that doesn't shock me. *laughing* He really is a cool guy. He's the life of the party, kind and sexy to boot. *sigh* Billy is really becoming a favorite. *grin*
posted by [identity profile] angelzqq.livejournal.com at 12:47am on 06/05/2009
Your pics look great. I told you all of that already though. Good stuff! *hugs*
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 11:51am on 06/05/2009
Thank you muchly. It's hard to take bad pictures when the subjects are so pretty. *laughing* **hugs**
posted by [identity profile] maurinak.livejournal.com at 12:17pm on 07/05/2009
Fantastic, most especially you and John! The pic of Caitlin and Adam is also very cute and I love, LOVE your prom pic with Billy...that just made me smile. *grins*

Thanks for sharing these with us, Jai!
posted by [identity profile] jailynn24.livejournal.com at 02:03pm on 07/05/2009
Thank you, Emm. John is so easy to get a good picture out of. He is just too sexy for his own good. *laughing* Caitlin and Adam's picture actually makes me smile when I look at it. *grin* And Billy...well I would have loved if he had been my prom date. *laughing* I would have been the envy of all the girls. *grin*

You are very welcome, Emm. I'm glad you are enjoying the pictures. *grin*


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